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“Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket.”

– George Orwell (1903-1950) – English Author

*On This Page is an Overview of Criminal Felony Keywords Legal Keyword Terms

PPC advertising for lawyers and attorneys is an extremely competitive chessboard, since the value of landing a new client is generally greater than most other industries.

Some Criminal Law attorneys will focus solely on one niche, which brings $25,000 to $75,000 per case. It can only take 1 good lead to fund a years worth of PPC clicks.

The online legal market is constantly moving and changing on a daily basis. Because the online legal marketing grows every day, good legal marketers are constantly evaluating and researching the latest trends in their targeted legal keywords. Always keep your Pay Per Click campaign up to date so that it stays efficient and relevant.

Felony Crime Statistics


  • Murder in large urban cities increased 11% in 2015, compared to 2014. ( Crime Stats)
  • The top 5 U. S. cities for murder and crime (2014-2015) are New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia. ( Crime Stats)
  • There were an estimated 8,277,829 property crimes (burglaries, larceny-thefts, and motor vehicle thefts) reported by law enforcement.(
  • Financial losses suffered by victims of these crimes were calculated at approximately $14.3 billion. (
  • Larceny-theft accounted for 70.8 percent of all property crimes reported, burglary for 20.9 percent, and motor vehicle theft for 8.3 percent. (
  • Seven per cent of women and five per cent of men reported having experienced domestic abuse in the last year, equivalent to an estimated 1.2 million female victims of domestic abuse and 800,000 male victims. (the Guardian)

If a person has been charged with a felony crime, they will immediately start looking for a criminal defense attorney in their area near to help defend them with best possible defense strategy. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help protect their rights before and during trial. If you don’t have the words “Your location six crime attorney” anywhere on your site chances are slim that they will find you during that search.

Felony Crime Keyword List Includes;


Arson/Vandalism Keywords – (Arrested for Arson Attorney, Graffiti & Vandalism Defense Law Firms, etc…)
Burglary/Robbery Keywords – (Charged with Burglary, Arrested For Burglary, Robbery Defense Counsel, etc…)
DUI/DWI Arrest Keywords – (Drunk Driving Lawyer, DWI Alcohol Defense Lawyers, DWI Charge Attorney, etc…)
Identity Theft Keywords – (Identity Crimes Lawyers, Find Identity Theft Law Firm Near Me, etc…)
Kidnapping Keywords – (Charged with Kidnapping, Arrested for Kidnapping, Kidnapping Lawyers, etc…)
Motor Vehicle Theft Keywords – (Stolen Car Lawyer, Grand Theft Auto Attorney, Vehicle Theft, etc…)
Property Crimes Keywords – (Charged with Property Crimes, Property Theft Defense Attorneys, etc…)
Stolen Property Keywords – (Receiving Stolen Property Charge, Being Arraigned for Property Theft, etc…)
Violent Crimes Keywords – (Committed a Violent Crime Lawyer, Arrested for a Violent Crime Attorney, etc…)
Weapons Violations Keywords – (Illegal Weapons Charge, Possession of Illegal Weapons Defense Attorneys, etc…)



Our research and active PPC campaigns suggest that 5 million injury keywords is the number of keywords that will immediately bring you a steady flow of Criminal Law leads. When you see the success of these Criminal Law keywords, we recommend that you take some of the money earned from these keywords and add more targeted Criminal Law keywords. We can make you a PPC campaign of 50 million Criminal Law keywords.

Get 5 Million Criminal Law Keywords Working For You 24/7 – 365 Days a Year!


Legal Generic Keywords
Location-Based Keywords
Assault & Battery Keywords
Drug Offense Crimes Keywords
Felony Crimes Keywords
Juvenile Crime Keywords
Sex Crime Arrest Keywords
White Collar Crime Keywords


Using our targeted PPC keyword lead generation strategies to bring in new clients is a fast and powerful way to build your legal practice.  Get real-time criminal law leads delivered to your email and smart phone. Research shows that the quicker a criminal law prospect is contacted the greater the likelihood that they will be retained as a new client.


  • Real-time Criminal Law leads in ALL 50 States
  • Geographically targeted Criminal Law keywords
  • Criminal Law leads sent to your email at work and on your phone
  • Criminal Law leads exclusive to your law firm
  • The best Criminal Law keywords for your targeted areas of law
  • Compete against players with deep pockets


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“Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket.”

– George Orwell (1903-1950) – English Author