Criminal Defense Lead Generation

Criminal Defense Lead Generation


“We have something in this industry called the 10-3-1 ratio. This means that for every 10 calls a salesperson makes, he will only get to present to 3, and he’ll make one sale. We need people that won’t shrink from that kind of rejection.”

– Dennis Tamcsin (1938- ) Senior Vice President, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance

*On this page is information on measuring your cost per lead and how you can receive our Criminal Law leads.

We offer real-time, quality Criminal Law lead generation in all 50 states. All of our Criminal Law leads are from visitors who have opted in seeking the help of an experienced Criminal Law attorney.  They will be specifically asking for a law firm to contact the. Call us to get more information and start contacting our real time Criminal Law leads to grow your law firm today.

Here’s an Overview of the Process:

Legal Help Centers Corp. operates a network of websites in the criminal defense vertical throughout in all 50 states. Potential clients find our sites while searching for criminal defense law firms on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Once at our website, the visitors either fill out a detailed request form or call to set up an appointment.

Since 1999, Legal Help Centers have generated more than 300,000 criminal defense leads and injury leads for law firms across the United States.

Whether you are looking to start a new criminal defense firm, jump start an existing one, or take your successful practice to the next level we can help you increase your lead numbers and increase traffic to your firms website. Generating your own criminal defense leads cases is the best way to increase your criminal defense case load cost-effectively

How To Tell If Your Law Firm Marketing is Working!

Two Quick Questions?

Do you know how much cost each lead is actually costing your law firm to acquire?

Do you know how much it costs your law firm to get a new client?

If you do know the answer to these 2 questions you are in the minority of law firms, and you probably have a profitable firm and your strategy is working and you are ready to go to next level of marketing. If you do not know the answer to these 2 questions it a greater possibility that your marketing strategies are not working.

Two of the Most Important Metrics That Every Law Firm Should Know

(1) Cost Per Qualified Lead

(2) Cost Per Case Signing

To be a successful law firm you need to have a solid understanding of how much it costs to generate a criminal law lead and a signed case. Website traffic numbers, impressions and visits numbers are nice to know, but knowing these two important metrics are the foundation being used by successful law firms spending millions of dollars each year.

Measuring Your Cost Per Lead

If your law firm invested $20,000 in legal marketing over the course of 4 months and generated 100 criminal law leads, your average cost per lead is $200.

The question you need to ask yourself is, is that good or bad?

If your profit is only $2,000, then $200 per lead may be acceptable, but it’s not fantastic.

If your profit per criminal case is $25,000, then paying $200 per lead to get a signed case is a no-brainer.

Once you have a solid way to measure your average cost per lead you can then compare these numbers month to month, quarter to quarter, and year to year. This will give your law firm great insight into how effective your legal lead generation efforts are working and where to cut back and where to increase your marketing budget.

Measuring Your Cost Per Signed Case

Lets make this simple; If it takes 20 criminal law leads at $200 each to get 1 injury case signed, your cost per acquiring 1 new case from your legal lead campaign is $2,000.

4 Steps in Measuring Your Cost Per Case

  1. Select a time frame (month, quarter or year).
  2. List how many new cases your law firm signed up during that time period.
  3. Total how much money your firm invested in legal marketing for that same time period.
  4. Divide the amount of money spent advertising by the number of new cases.

These 4 steps will give you good numbers to work with. Now that you know your cost per criminal lead and your cost per getting a new case you can look back over the last month, quarter and year to compare with the next 12 months.


How We Find Leads

Using our 15 years of tried experience and seasoned knowledge in Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Search Engine Marketing, we developed a steady flow of real-time criminal law leads each month.

Our criminal law leads are always 100% exclusive to you. This means that we never sell a lead twice and you will not be competing with another law firm to turn your leads into signed cases. Any good lawyer will tell you if they can get to client first, they have a very high probability of getting that case signed. Our criminal law leads are delivered via email to and will be in real time which will maximize your conversion rates.

Criminal Lead Information Delivered to Your Email Includes;


(Leads come with the following information)

Criminal Defense – AZ – Jane Smith

Date: Thursday, January 21, 2016, 2:00:10 pm

From: Jane Smith (

First Name: Jane

Last Name: Smith


Day phone: 971.000.000

Cell phone: 602.123.4567

City: Flagstaff

State: AZ

Date of Accusation: January  2015

Are You Charged With a Crime?: yes

State Where Crime Occurred: AZ

Do you Currently Have a Lawyer?: No

Have Criminal Charges Been Pressed?: No

Tell Us About Your Case: human trafficking I haven’t been charged I was held for 72hrs for it but released with no
charges after my parole hold was lifted.

Description of Accusation: I was in the car with a ex gf of mines when a police officer pulled up to the car and started asking me questions my ex informed him that we were there with a friend who was in the room it was a female he started asking more questions of the two females and then arrested me for human trafficking I was asked to make a statement and did stating that I had nothing to do with any human trafficking what so ever and that in fact I wasn’t even sure what that was.

I was told that the girls admitted that they prostituted and said that they gave me there money which is not true after I was released I was told by the girls that they only did that because they were scared and was trying to get out of trouble and that the police told them that they only wanted me and not them so help them and they would be let go. which in turn they were. one of the females already was fighting a prostitution case in another city which I have nothing to do with either she also was a stripper at the time.

They planned on charging me. I need any help or advice you can provide and I would want to look at hiring a lawyer soon because I am on parole at the moment and can not afford to be charged because they will send me back to prison if I am charged whether I am found not guilty or not.


LAST PAGE REFERRER: /Human-Trafficking.html

  • Misspellings are exact as received in above lead form.

Lead Pricing

Pricing for Exclusive, Real-Time Criminal Law Leads Start at $100.00. Real people with real legal issues looking for legal representation to help them with their legal defense!

Call Today For Lead Pricing.

  • Leads Are Exclusive to Your Law Firm
  • Custom Filters Deliver Leads Specific to Your Area of Law and Location
  • Highest Quality Leads Available!


Get high quality Criminal Defense leads. We specialize in organic search-generated and targeted PPC Criminal Law lead campaigns. We reach people searching specifically for criminal defense attorneys. We offer exclusive, real-time criminal law targeted leads in all 50 states, counties and U. S. cities.


We know that the bottom line for law firms marketing online for new cases is results. It doesn’t matter if you get 100 leads or 10 leads, what matters most is if you are getting sign cases. If you are not happy with our leads for any reason, you can cancel at any time. Pay only for the leads you contact!


Our team of support professionals is always ready to offer free email and phone assistance, in addition to 24/7 hour PPC monitoring.


Only get the criminal law leads that make sense for your law firm! We target geographically by state, county, city, zip code and area code.


Our criminal law leads are 100% guaranteed! The Internet is filled with schemers and profiteers trying to make money clicking on ads and filling out lead forms. You only pay for valid, genuine leads. If at any time one of our leads turns out to not be a real person with a crime issue we will replace it free of charge! You only pay when you win!


Our consumer-focused criminal law websites deliver criminal defense leads exclusively to your law firm in the practice areas and counties and cities where you practice law.  Each lead we generate is only sold 1 time to a single law firm.  Leads are billed monthly and the cost varies based on criminal law types.


Our dedicated account executives will help you develop a strategy to make lead generation work for you. Our system allows you to choose to be notified by email, phone, or text when a prospective client is seeking help. We are committed to delivering you quality real-time criminal law leads in a timely manner in the way that best fits the needs of your firm.


  • Real-time Criminal Law leads in ALL 50 States
  • Geographically targeted Criminal Law  keywords
  • Criminal Law  leads sent to your email at work and on your phone
  • Criminal Law  leads exclusive to your law firm
  • The best Criminal Law y keywords for your targeted areas of law
  • Compete against players with deep pockets


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Build Your Own Criminal Defense PPC Engine


We build custom Criminal Law Pay-Per-Click Engines using converting keywords from our national Criminal Law marketing campaigns to create localized PPC Criminal Law Engines targeting counties and cities. Imagine 5 million Criminal Law keywords targeting your areas of law 24/7 – 365 Days a Year and the leads sent directly to your smartphone in real-time.  Owning a PPC Criminal Law Engine will get you local leads in your area and level the playing field with competitors that are dominating your areas of law. Legal Help Centers have spent years refining the lead generating process to make it work best in several of the most competitive online Criminal Law legal spaces.


“We have something in this industry called the 10-3-1 ratio. This means that for every 10 calls a salesperson makes, he will only get to present to 3, and he’ll make one sale. We need people that won’t shrink from that kind of rejection.”

– Dennis Tamcsin (1938- ) Senior Vice President, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance